Articles | Volume 18
Sci. Dril., 18, 1–4, 2014
Sci. Dril., 18, 1–4, 2014

Technical development 22 Dec 2014

Technical development | 22 Dec 2014

Corganiser: a web-based software tool for planning time-sensitive sampling of whole rounds during scientific drilling

I. P. G. Marshall

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Location/Setting: Drilling technologies | Subject: Microbiology | Geoprocesses: Deep biosphere
Advancing subsurface biosphere and paleoclimate research: ECORD–ICDP–DCO–J-DESC–MagellanPlus Workshop Series Program Report
H. J. Mills, J. de Leeuw, K.-U. Hinrichs, F. Inagaki, and J. Kallmeyer
Sci. Dril., 20, 59–65,,, 2015
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