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Sci. Dril., 18, 19–33, 2014
Sci. Dril., 18, 19–33, 2014
Workshop white paper
22 Dec 2014
Workshop white paper | 22 Dec 2014

Drilling to investigate processes in active tectonics and magmatism

J. Shervais et al.

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The estimation of porosity in Japan Trench plate boundary using low-resolution X-ray computed tomography (XCT) images and laboratory measurements
Hamed Amiri, Francesco Cappuccio, Mai-Linh Doan, Marianne Conin, and Virginia Toy
Solid Earth Discuss.,,, 2022
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Micro- and nano-porosity of the active Alpine Fault zone, New Zealand
Martina Kirilova, Virginia Toy, Katrina Sauer, François Renard, Klaus Gessner, Richard Wirth, Xianghui Xiao, and Risa Matsumura
Solid Earth, 11, 2425–2438,,, 2020
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Geologic characterization of nonconformities using outcrop and core analogs: hydrologic implications for injection-induced seismicity
Elizabeth S. Petrie, Kelly K. Bradbury, Laura Cuccio, Kayla Smith, James P. Evans, John P. Ortiz, Kellie Kerner, Mark Person, and Peter Mozley
Solid Earth, 11, 1803–1821,,, 2020
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Fault zone architecture of a large plate-bounding strike-slip fault: a case study from the Alpine Fault, New Zealand
Bernhard Schuck, Anja M. Schleicher, Christoph Janssen, Virginia G. Toy, and Georg Dresen
Solid Earth, 11, 95–124,,, 2020
Constraints on Alpine Fault (New Zealand) mylonitization temperatures and the geothermal gradient from Ti-in-quartz thermobarometry
Steven B. Kidder, Virginia G. Toy, David J. Prior, Timothy A. Little, Ashfaq Khan, and Colin MacRae
Solid Earth, 9, 1123–1139,,, 2018
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Location/Setting: Continental | Subject: Geology | Geoprocesses: Tectonic processes
COSC-2 – drilling the basal décollement and underlying margin of palaeocontinent Baltica in the Paleozoic Caledonide Orogen of Scandinavia
Henning Lorenz, Jan-Erik Rosberg, Christopher Juhlin, Iwona Klonowska, Rodolphe Lescoutre, George Westmeijer, Bjarne S. G. Almqvist, Mark Anderson, Stefan Bertilsson, Mark Dopson, Jens Kallmeyer, Jochem Kück, Oliver Lehnert, Luca Menegon, Christophe Pascal, Simon Rejkjær, and Nick N. W. Roberts
Sci. Dril., 30, 43–57,,, 2022
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Fifteen years of the Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling Program
Zhiqin Xu, Jingsui Yang, Chengshan Wang, Zhisheng An, Haibing Li, Qin Wang, and Dechen Su
Sci. Dril., 22, 1–18,,, 2017
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COSC-1 – drilling of a subduction-related allochthon in the Palaeozoic Caledonide orogen of Scandinavia
H. Lorenz, J.-E. Rosberg, C. Juhlin, L. Bjelm, B. S. G. Almqvist, T. Berthet, R. Conze, D. G. Gee, I. Klonowska, C. Pascal, K. Pedersen, N. M. W. Roberts, and C.-F. Tsang
Sci. Dril., 19, 1–11,,, 2015
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