Articles | Volume 28
Sci. Dril., 28, 93–112, 2020
Sci. Dril., 28, 93–112, 2020
Workshop report
01 Dec 2020
Workshop report | 01 Dec 2020

Report on ICDP Deep Dust workshops: probing continental climate of the late Paleozoic icehouse–greenhouse transition and beyond

Gerilyn S. Soreghan et al.

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Passive processing of active nodal seismic data: estimation of VPVS ratios to characterize structure and hydrology of an alpine valley infill
Michael Behm, Feng Cheng, Anna Patterson, and Gerilyn S. Soreghan
Solid Earth, 10, 1337–1354,,, 2019
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Location/Setting: Continental | Subject: Geology | Geoprocesses: Global climate change
Drilling Overdeepened Alpine Valleys (ICDP-DOVE): quantifying the age, extent, and environmental impact of Alpine glaciations
Flavio S. Anselmetti, Milos Bavec, Christian Crouzet, Markus Fiebig, Gerald Gabriel, Frank Preusser, Cesare Ravazzi, and DOVE scientific team​​​​​​​
Sci. Dril., 31, 51–70,,, 2022
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From glacial erosion to basin overfill: a 240 m-thick overdeepening–fill sequence in Bern, Switzerland
Michael A. Schwenk, Patrick Schläfli, Dimitri Bandou, Natacha Gribenski, Guilhem A. Douillet, and Fritz Schlunegger
Sci. Dril., 30, 17–42,,, 2022
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Sensitivity of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to +2 °C (SWAIS 2C)
Molly O. Patterson, Richard H. Levy, Denise K. Kulhanek, Tina van de Flierdt, Huw Horgan, Gavin B. Dunbar, Timothy R. Naish, Jeanine Ash, Alex Pyne, Darcy Mandeno, Paul Winberry, David M. Harwood, Fabio Florindo, Francisco J. Jimenez-Espejo, Andreas Läufer, Kyu-Cheul Yoo, Osamu Seki, Paolo Stocchi, Johann P. Klages, Jae Il Lee, Florence Colleoni, Yusuke Suganuma, Edward Gasson, Christian Ohneiser, José-Abel Flores, David Try, Rachel Kirkman, Daleen Koch, and the SWAIS 2C Science Team
Sci. Dril., 30, 101–112,,, 2022
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Scientific drilling workshop on the Weihe Basin Drilling Project (WBDP): Cenozoic tectonic–monsoon interactions
Zhisheng An, Peizhen Zhang, Hendrik Vogel, Yougui Song, John Dodson, Thomas Wiersberg, Xijie Feng, Huayu Lu, Li Ai, and Youbin Sun
Sci. Dril., 28, 63–73,,, 2020
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The Bouse Formation, a controversial Neogene archive of the evolving Colorado River: a scientific drilling workshop report (28 February–3 March 2019 – BlueWater Resort & Casino, Parker, AZ, USA)
Andrew Cohen, Colleen Cassidy, Ryan Crow, Jordon Bright, Laura Crossey, Rebecca Dorsey, Brian Gootee, Kyle House, Keith Howard, Karl Karlstrom, and Philip Pearthree
Sci. Dril., 26, 59–67,,, 2019
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The events of the Permian — the orogenies, biospheric turnovers, icehouse and greenhouse antitheses, and Mars-analog lithofacies — boggle the imagination and present us with great opportunities to explore Earth system behavior. Here we outline results of workshops to propose continuous coring of continental Permian sections in western (Anadarko Basin) and eastern (Paris Basin) equatorial Pangaea to retrieve continental records spanning 50 Myr of Earth's history.