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Sci. Dril., 30, 1–15, 2022
Sci. Dril., 30, 1–15, 2022
Science report
25 Feb 2022
Science report | 25 Feb 2022

60 years of scientific deep drilling in Colombia: the north Andean guide to the Quaternary

Henry Hooghiemstra et al.

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Millennial-scale vegetation changes in the tropical Andes using ecological grouping and ordination methods
Dunia H. Urrego, Henry Hooghiemstra, Oscar Rama-Corredor, Belen Martrat, Joan O. Grimalt, Lonnie Thompson, Mark B. Bush, Zaire González-Carranza, Jennifer Hanselman, Bryan Valencia, and César Velásquez-Ruiz
Clim. Past, 12, 697–711,,, 2016
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Climate variability and human impact in South America during the last 2000 years: synthesis and perspectives from pollen records
S. G. A. Flantua, H. Hooghiemstra, M. Vuille, H. Behling, J. F. Carson, W. D. Gosling, I. Hoyos, M. P. Ledru, E. Montoya, F. Mayle, A. Maldonado, V. Rull, M. S. Tonello, B. S. Whitney, and C. González-Arango
Clim. Past, 12, 483–523,,, 2016
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Geochronological database and classification system for age uncertainties in Neotropical pollen records
S. G. A. Flantua, M. Blaauw, and H. Hooghiemstra
Clim. Past, 12, 387–414,,, 2016
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This is a brief overview of long continental fossil pollen records globally in relationship with marine records. Specifically, the Northern Andes is a key area in developing and testing hypotheses in the fields of ecology, paleobiogeography, and climate change in tropical regions. We review 60 years of deep drilling experience in this region that have led to landmark records. We also highlight the early development of long continental pollen records from unique, deep, sediment-filled basins.