Articles | Volume 5
Sci. Dril., 5, 44–46, 2007
Sci. Dril., 5, 44–46, 2007

  01 Sep 2007

01 Sep 2007

Tenaghi Philippon (Greece) Revisited: Drilling a Continuous Lower-Latitude Terrestrial Climate Archive of the Last 250,000 Years

J. Pross1, P. Tzedakis2, G. Schmiedl3, K. Christanis4, H. Hooghiemstra5, U. C. Müller1, U. Kotthoff1, S. Kalaitzidis4, and A. Milner2 J. Pross et al.
  • 1Institute of Geosciences, University of Frankfurt, Altenhöfer Allee 1, 60438 Frankfurt, Germany
  • 2School of Geography, University of Leeds, West Yorkshire LS2 9JT, UK
  • 3Geological-Paleontological Institute, University of Hamburg, Bundesstraße 55, 20146 Hamburg, Germany
  • 4Department of Geology, University of Patras, 265.00 Rio-Patras, Greece
  • 5Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics, University of Amsterdam, Kruislaan 318, 1098 SM Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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