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Workshop report
10 Aug 2016
Workshop report |  | 10 Aug 2016

Report on ICDP workshop CONOSC (COring the NOrth Sea Cenozoic)

Wim Westerhoff, Timme Donders, and Stefan Luthi

Abstract. ICDP workshop COring the NOrth Sea Cenozoic focused on the scientific objectives and the technical aspects of drilling and sampling. Some 55 participants attended the meeting, ranging from climate scientists, drilling engineers, and geophysicists to stratigraphers and public outreach experts. Discussion on the proposed research sharpened the main research lines and led to working groups and the necessary technical details to compile a full proposal that was submitted in January 2016.

Short summary
The CONOSC (COring the NOrth Sea Cenozoic) project brings scientists together that aim at scientific drilling of the north-western European marginal seas where in the last 65 million years the influence of sea and land was recorded continuously in the sediments. The subsiding area is ideally suited for detailed study of the relations between changing climate, biodiversity, and changing land masses. The report discusses the ICDP workshop outcome and overall project aims.