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Progress report
31 May 2017
Progress report |  | 31 May 2017

GONAF – the borehole Geophysical Observatory at the North Anatolian Fault in the eastern Sea of Marmara

Marco Bohnhoff, Georg Dresen, Ulubey Ceken, Filiz Tuba Kadirioglu, Recai Feyiz Kartal, Tugbay Kilic, Murat Nurlu, Kenan Yanik, Digdem Acarel, Fatih Bulut, Hisao Ito, Wade Johnson, Peter Eric Malin, and Dave Mencin

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The 2022 MW 6.0 Gölyaka–Düzce earthquake: an example of a medium-sized earthquake in a fault zone early in its seismic cycle
Patricia Martínez-Garzón, Dirk Becker, Jorge Jara, Xiang Chen, Grzegorz Kwiatek, and Marco Bohnhoff
Solid Earth, 14, 1103–1121,,, 2023
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CHENILLE: Coupled Behavior Understanding of Faults: from the Laboratory to the Field
Audrey Bonnelye, Pierre Dick, Marco Bohnhoff, Fabrice Cotton, Rüdiger Giese, Jan Henninges, Damien Jougnot, Grzegorz Kwiatek, and Stefan Lüth
Adv. Geosci., 58, 177–188,,, 2023
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GONAF (Geophysical Observatory at the North Anatolian Fault) has been installed around the eastern Sea of Marmara section where a M>7 earthquake is pending to capture the seismic and strain activity preceding, during, and after such an anticipated event. GONAF is currently comprised of seven 300 m deep vertical seismic profiling stations and four collocated 100 m deep borehole strain meters. GONAF is the first ICDP-driven project with a primary focus on long-term fault-zone monitoring.