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Science report
30 Nov 2017
Science report |  | 30 Nov 2017

Drilling into an active mofette: pilot-hole study of the impact of CO2-rich mantle-derived fluids on the geo–bio interaction in the western Eger Rift (Czech Republic)

Robert Bussert, Horst Kämpf, Christina Flechsig, Katja Hesse, Tobias Nickschick, Qi Liu, Josefine Umlauft, Tomáš Vylita, Dirk Wagner, Thomas Wonik, Hortencia Estrella Flores, and Mashal Alawi

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The emergence of the tropical rainforest biome in the Cretaceous
Clément Coiffard, Haytham El Atfy, Johan Renaudie, Robert Bussert, and Dieter Uhl
Biogeosciences, 20, 1145–1154,,, 2023
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Location/Setting: Continental | Subject: Microbiology | Geoprocesses: Deep biosphere
Microbial diversity of drilling fluids from 3000 m deep Koyna pilot borehole provides insights into the deep biosphere of continental earth crust
Himadri Bose, Avishek Dutta, Ajoy Roy, Abhishek Gupta, Sourav Mukhopadhyay, Balaram Mohapatra, Jayeeta Sarkar, Sukanta Roy, Sufia K. Kazy, and Pinaki Sar
Sci. Dril., 27, 1–23,,, 2020
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Workshop to develop deep-life continental scientific drilling projects
T. L. Kieft, T. C. Onstott, L. Ahonen, V. Aloisi, F. S. Colwell, B. Engelen, S. Fendrihan, E. Gaidos, U. Harms, I. Head, J. Kallmeyer, B. Kiel Reese, L.-H. Lin, P. E. Long, D. P. Moser, H. Mills, P. Sar, D. Schulze-Makuch, H. Stan-Lotter, D. Wagner, P.-L. Wang, F. Westall, and M. J. Wilkins
Sci. Dril., 19, 43–53,,, 2015

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