Articles | Volume 27
Sci. Dril., 27, 1–23, 2020
Sci. Dril., 27, 1–23, 2020

Science report 27 May 2020

Science report | 27 May 2020

Microbial diversity of drilling fluids from 3000 m deep Koyna pilot borehole provides insights into the deep biosphere of continental earth crust

Himadri Bose et al.

Data sets

Terrestrial deep subsurface Raw sequence reads P. Sar

Short summary
Drilling fluid (DF) used in the drilling of crystalline continental crust is considered a potent contaminant for subsurface rock samples, though it could provide a glimpse into the nature of deep subsurface life. Microbial communities of DF retrieved from Koyna pilot borehole (3000 m) in the Deccan Traps was explored through 16S rRNA and other diagnostic marker genes. Detection of extremophilic and other deep biosphere relevant microorganisms in DF redefined the role of DF in deep life research.