Articles | Volume 19
Sci. Dril., 19, 13–16, 2015
Sci. Dril., 19, 13–16, 2015
Technical development
29 May 2015
Technical development | 29 May 2015

An innovative optical and chemical drill core scanner

A. S. L. Sjöqvist et al.

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COSC-2 – drilling the basal décollement and underlying margin of palaeocontinent Baltica in the Paleozoic Caledonide Orogen of Scandinavia
Henning Lorenz, Jan-Erik Rosberg, Christopher Juhlin, Iwona Klonowska, Rodolphe Lescoutre, George Westmeijer, Bjarne S. G. Almqvist, Mark Anderson, Stefan Bertilsson, Mark Dopson, Jens Kallmeyer, Jochem Kück, Oliver Lehnert, Luca Menegon, Christophe Pascal, Simon Rejkjær, and Nick N. W. Roberts
Sci. Dril., 30, 43–57,,, 2022
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Seismic imaging in the eastern Scandinavian Caledonides: siting the 2.5 km deep COSC-2 borehole, central Sweden
Christopher Juhlin, Peter Hedin, David G. Gee, Henning Lorenz, Thomas Kalscheuer, and Ping Yan
Solid Earth, 7, 769–787,,, 2016
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COSC-1 – drilling of a subduction-related allochthon in the Palaeozoic Caledonide orogen of Scandinavia
H. Lorenz, J.-E. Rosberg, C. Juhlin, L. Bjelm, B. S. G. Almqvist, T. Berthet, R. Conze, D. G. Gee, I. Klonowska, C. Pascal, K. Pedersen, N. M. W. Roberts, and C.-F. Tsang
Sci. Dril., 19, 1–11,,, 2015
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Location/Setting: Instrumentation and observatories | Subject: Geochemistry | Geoprocesses: Earth science methods
Ship-board determination of whole-rock (ultra-)trace element concentrations by laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry analysis of pressed powder pellets aboard the D/V Chikyu
Mathieu Rospabé, Fatma Kourim, Akihiro Tamura, Eiichi Takazawa, Manolis Giampouras, Sayantani Chatterjee, Keisuke Ishii, Matthew J. Cooper, Marguerite Godard, Elliot Carter, Natsue Abe, Kyaw Moe, Damon A. H. Teagle, and Oman Drilling Project “ChikyuOman2018 Leg 3” Science Team
Sci. Dril., 30, 75–99,,, 2022
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