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Sci. Dril., 20, 1–12, 2015
Sci. Dril., 20, 1–12, 2015

Science report 17 Dec 2015

Science report | 17 Dec 2015

IODP expedition 347: Baltic Sea basin paleoenvironment and biosphere

T. Andrén et al.

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Reconstructing Holocene temperature and salinity variations in the western Baltic Sea region: a multi-proxy comparison from the Little Belt (IODP Expedition 347, Site M0059)
Ulrich Kotthoff, Jeroen Groeneveld, Jeanine L. Ash, Anne-Sophie Fanget, Nadine Quintana Krupinski, Odile Peyron, Anna Stepanova, Jonathan Warnock, Niels A. G. M. Van Helmond, Benjamin H. Passey, Ole Rønø Clausen, Ole Bennike, Elinor Andrén, Wojciech Granoszewski, Thomas Andrén, Helena L. Filipsson, Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz, Caroline P. Slomp, and Thorsten Bauersachs
Biogeosciences, 14, 5607–5632,,, 2017
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Location/Setting: Deep sea | Subject: Geology | Geoprocesses: Global climate change
Late Miocene wood recovered in Bengal–Nicobar submarine fan sediments by IODP Expedition 362
Lisa McNeill, Brandon Dugan, Katerina Petronotis, Kitty Milliken, Jane Francis, and the Expedition 362 Scientists
Sci. Dril., 27, 49–52,,, 2020
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Coring the sedimentary expression of the early Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event: new stratigraphic records from the Tethys Ocean
Elisabetta Erba, Gabriele Gambacorta, Stefano Visentin, Liyenne Cavalheiro, Dario Reolon, Giulia Faucher, and Matteo Pegoraro
Sci. Dril., 26, 17–27,,, 2019
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Global monsoon and ocean drilling
Pinxian Wang, Ryuji Tada, and Steven Clemens
Sci. Dril., 24, 87–91,,, 2018
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Exploring new drilling prospects in the southwest Pacific
S. J. Gallagher, N. Exon, M. Seton, M. Ikehara, C. J. Hollis, R. Arculus, S. D'Hondt, C. Foster, M. Gurnis, J. P. Kennett, R. McKay, A. Malakoff, J. Mori, K. Takai, and L. Wallace
Sci. Dril., 17, 45–50,,, 2014

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