Articles | Volume 24
Sci. Dril., 24, 15–40, 2018
Sci. Dril., 24, 15–40, 2018

Science report 22 Oct 2018

Science report | 22 Oct 2018

Colorado Plateau Coring Project, Phase I (CPCP-I): a continuously cored, globally exportable chronology of Triassic continental environmental change from western North America

Paul E. Olsen et al.

Data sets

CPCP Alexander Stone, Kristina Brady, Anders Noren, Paul Olsen, Roland Mundil, Dennis Kent, Randy Irmis, George Gehrels, Dominique Giesler, Christopher Lepre, John Geissman, Ziaul Haque, and Cornelia Rasmussen

Short summary
The Colorado Plateau Coring Project-1 recovered ~ 850 m of core in three holes at two sites in the Triassic fluvial strata of Petrified Forest National Park, AZ, USA. The cores have abundant zircon, U-Pb dateable layers (210–241 Ma) that along with magnetic polarity stratigraphy, validate the eastern US-based Newark-Hartford astrochronology and timescale, while also providing temporal and environmental context for the vast geological archives of the Triassic of western North America.