Articles | Volume 26
Sci. Dril., 26, 1–15, 2019
Sci. Dril., 26, 1–15, 2019

Science report 02 Dec 2019

Science report | 02 Dec 2019

Scientific drilling of Lake Chalco, Basin of Mexico (MexiDrill)

Erik T. Brown et al.

Data sets

LacCore, National Lacustrine Core Facility A. Noren

Short summary
MexiDrill, the Basin of Mexico Drilling Program, recovered a continuous, high-resolution 400 000 year record of tropical North American environmental change. The field location, in the densely populated, water-stressed, Mexico City region, gives this record particular societal relevance. The record also contains a rich record of volcanic activity; knowledge of the history of the area's explosive volcanic eruptions will improve capacity for risk assessment of future activity.