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Sci. Dril., 29, 19–37, 2021
Sci. Dril., 29, 19–37, 2021

Progress report 26 Apr 2021

Progress report | 26 Apr 2021

Composite development and stratigraphy of the Onepoto maar lake sediment sequence (Auckland Volcanic Field, New Zealand)

Benjamin Läuchli et al.

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TephraNZ: a major- and trace-element reference dataset for glass-shard analyses from prominent Quaternary rhyolitic tephras in New Zealand and implications for correlation
Jenni L. Hopkins, Janine E. Bidmead, David J. Lowe, Richard J. Wysoczanski, Bradley J. Pillans, Luisa Ashworth, Andrew B. H. Rees, and Fiona Tuckett
Geochronology, 3, 465–504,,, 2021
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Development of a multi-method chronology spanning the Last Glacial Interval from Orakei maar lake, Auckland, New Zealand
Leonie Peti, Kathryn E. Fitzsimmons, Jenni L. Hopkins, Andreas Nilsson, Toshiyuki Fujioka, David Fink, Charles Mifsud, Marcus Christl, Raimund Muscheler, and Paul C. Augustinus
Geochronology, 2, 367–410,,, 2020
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Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Orakei maar lake sediment sequence (Auckland Volcanic Field, New Zealand)
Leonie Peti and Paul C. Augustinus
Sci. Dril., 25, 47–56,,, 2019
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Location/Setting: Lake | Subject: Geology | Geoprocesses: Earth science methods
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Sci. Dril., 28, 29–41,,, 2020
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Auckland Volcanic Field maar lake sediments exhibit enormous potential for the identification and interpretation of short-duration climate events and long-term climate trends as well as intra- and inter-hemispheric climate. In tandem with ongoing work on Orakei maar, the study of Onepoto maar lake sediments will extend this record by providing high-resolution palaeoclimate and palaeoenvironmental reconstructions spanning the last two glacial cycles.