Articles | Volume 30
Sci. Dril., 30, 17–42, 2022
Sci. Dril., 30, 17–42, 2022

Science report 25 Feb 2022

Science report | 25 Feb 2022

From glacial erosion to basin overfill: a 240 m-thick overdeepening–fill sequence in Bern, Switzerland

Michael A. Schwenk et al.

Data sets

Stratigraphic and Multi Scanner Core Logging (MSCL) data plus supplementary luminescence dating material obtained from the scientific drilling QDR-RE-IfG and its drill site in the Aare Valley, Bern CH M. A. Schwenk, F. Schlunegger, N. Gribenski, P. Schläfli, D. Bandou, G. A. Douillet, and J. Krbanjevic

Short summary
A scientific drilling was conducted into a bedrock trough (overdeepening) in Bern-Bümpliz (Switzerland) in an effort to advance the knowledge of the Quaternary prior to 150 000 years ago. We encountered a 208.5 m-thick succession of loose sediments (gravel, sand and mud) in the retrieved core and identified two major sedimentary sequences (A: lower, B: upper). The sedimentary suite records two glacial advances and the subsequent filling of a lake sometime between 300 000 and 200 000 years ago.