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Sci. Dril., 17, 13–18, 2014
Sci. Dril., 17, 13–18, 2014

Science report 29 Apr 2014

Science report | 29 Apr 2014

IODP Expedition 336: initiation of long-term coupled microbiological, geochemical, and hydrological experimentation within the seafloor at North Pond, western flank of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

K. Edwards et al.

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Fluid–rock interactions in the shallow Mariana forearc: carbon cycling and redox conditions
Elmar Albers, Wolfgang Bach, Frieder Klein, Catriona D. Menzies, Friedrich Lucassen, and Damon A. H. Teagle
Solid Earth, 10, 907–930,,, 2019
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SUSTAIN drilling at Surtsey volcano, Iceland, tracks hydrothermal and microbiological interactions in basalt 50 years after eruption
Marie D. Jackson, Magnús T. Gudmundsson, Tobias B. Weisenberger, J. Michael Rhodes, Andri Stefánsson, Barbara I. Kleine, Peter C. Lippert, Joshua M. Marquardt, Hannah I. Reynolds, Jochem Kück, Viggó T. Marteinsson, Pauline Vannier, Wolfgang Bach, Amel Barich, Pauline Bergsten, Julia G. Bryce, Piergiulio Cappelletti, Samantha Couper, M. Florencia Fahnestock, Carolyn F. Gorny, Carla Grimaldi, Marco Groh, Ágúst Gudmundsson, Ágúst T. Gunnlaugsson, Cédric Hamlin, Thórdís Högnadóttir, Kristján Jónasson, Sigurdur S. Jónsson, Steffen L. Jørgensen, Alexandra M. Klonowski, Beau Marshall, Erica Massey, Jocelyn McPhie, James G. Moore, Einar S. Ólafsson, Solveig L. Onstad, Velveth Perez, Simon Prause, Snorri P. Snorrason, Andreas Türke, James D. L. White, and Bernd Zimanowski
Sci. Dril., 25, 35–46,,, 2019
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Design of the subsurface observatory at Surtsey volcano, Iceland
Andreas Türke, Marie D. Jackson, Wolfgang Bach, Wolf-Achim Kahl, Brian Grzybowski, Beau Marshall, Magnús T. Gudmundsson, and Steffen Leth Jørgensen
Sci. Dril., 25, 57–62,,, 2019
A new X-ray-transparent flow-through reaction cell for a μ-CT-based concomitant surveillance of the reaction progress of hydrothermal mineral–fluid interactions
Wolf-Achim Kahl, Christian Hansen, and Wolfgang Bach
Solid Earth, 7, 651–658,,, 2016
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Time-lapse characterization of hydrothermal seawater and microbial interactions with basaltic tephra at Surtsey Volcano
M. D. Jackson, M. T. Gudmundsson, W. Bach, P. Cappelletti, N. J. Coleman, M. Ivarsson, K. Jónasson, S. L. Jørgensen, V. Marteinsson, J. McPhie, J. G. Moore, D. Nielson, J. M. Rhodes, C. Rispoli, P. Schiffman, A. Stefánsson, A. Türke, T. Vanorio, T. B. Weisenberger, J. D. L. White, R. Zierenberg, and B. Zimanowski
Sci. Dril., 20, 51–58,,, 2015
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Location/Setting: Deep sea | Subject: Microbiology | Geoprocesses: Deep biosphere
Potential microbial contamination from drilling lubricants into subseafloor rock cores
H. Lizethe Pendleton, Katrina I. Twing, Shahrzad Motamedi, and William J. Brazelton
Sci. Dril., 29, 49–57,,, 2021
Preparing for the new age of the Nagoya Protocol in scientific ocean drilling
Nan Xiao, Naokazu Ahagon, Yusuke Kubo, and Hajimu Morioka
Sci. Dril., 24, 51–59,,, 2018
Short summary
IODP Expedition 337: Deep Coalbed Biosphere off Shimokita – Microbial processes and hydrocarbon system associated with deeply buried coalbed in the ocean
Fumio Inagaki, Kai-Uwe Hinrichs, Yusuke Kubo, and the IODP Expedition 337 Scientists
Sci. Dril., 21, 17–28,,, 2016
IODP Deep Biosphere Research Workshop report – a synthesis of recent investigations, and discussion of new research questions and drilling targets
B. N. Orcutt, D. E. LaRowe, K. G. Lloyd, H. Mills, W. Orsi, B. K. Reese, J. Sauvage, J. A. Huber, and J. Amend
Sci. Dril., 17, 61–66,,, 2014

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