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Sci. Dril., 25, 15–33, 2019
Sci. Dril., 25, 15–33, 2019

Science report 12 Jun 2019

Science report | 12 Jun 2019

Understanding volcanic facies in the subsurface: a combined core, wireline logging and image log data set from the PTA2 and KMA1 boreholes, Big Island, Hawai`i

Dougal A. Jerram et al.

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Solid Earth, 11, 607–626,,, 2020
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This contribution highlights a combined research effort to collect a combined core and down-borehole geophysics data set on two boreholes from the main island on Hawaii. The results represent one of the most complete data sets of fully cored volcanics with associated borehole measurements, which can be confidently matched directly between remote data and core. The data set and results of this study include findings which should enable improved borehole facies analysis through volcanic sequences.